Exercise 6

For this week there is no exercise that you should return.

However, you should go through the lesson 6 materials and test in practice how to use Python from QGIS. You need to do this by using our cloud computing environment, since there are all necessary packages installed for going through the lesson materials.

In addition, you use some time to think if you would have a project of your own for the final assignment of the course that will be released next week. The project can be for example a dedicated GIS tool for some purpose (e.g. helping your MSc thesis) or a broader GIS analysis with a short written report about the results (+ documentation in GitHub). If you would like to do an own project as the final assignment:

  • Send me an email (or private message in Slack) to say that you are interested

  • Send me a proposal (by next week’s lecture on 11.12) of your project to my email (word-doc), where you should explain:

    • What are the aims of your project?
    • What will be the final product of the project?
    • What kind of data will you need for the project?
    • Do you think all the necessary GIS techniques have been covered in the course to finish the project?

Map Challenge 2017

AutoGIS 2017 Map Challenge is a friendly competition for the course participants where the winner is the one who makes the most interesting or beautiful map. The winner will be selected by a poll where each student of the course can give their vote for the map that they think is the best. Participation to the challenge is optional but we encourage everybody to take part, it is not a serious competition and the purpose of this is only to have fun!

The winner of the AutoGIS Map Challenge will win a gift card to GitHub WebStore for buying an AWESOME T-shirt.

You should upload your map to a dedicated Map-Challenge-2017 GitHub repository before Monday 19th of December. Repository is private but all of you should have access to update it (if you don’t, send me a message on Slack). We would like to publish your maps on our course site afterwards but we will ask your permission before doing so (it is not obligatory).

The voting will happen during the week 51 (19. - 22.12) and the winner will be announced on 23th of December.

Good luck, and amaze us with some super-beautiful maps!!