Map Challenge 2016

AutoGIS 2016 Map Challenge is a friendly competition for the course participants where the winner is the one who makes the most interesting or beautiful map. The winner will be selected by a poll where each student of the course can give their vote for the map that they think is the best. The winner of the AutoGIS Map Challenge will win a gift card to GitHub WebStore for buying an AWESOME T-shirt.


This year we got two brave students who participated to the Map Challenge with their work! Below are their work.

Vote for the one that you think is more appealing or interesting to you from this link. Pass number 1 for Competitor 1 and number 2 for Competitor 2. Vote only once, please as we don’t want to have a scandal with this serious SERIOUS competition. ;P

Candidate 1

(Zoom out and move to East to find Helsinki where the content is).

Bokeh Plot