Grading criteria for the final assignment

The grading is based on a typical 0-5 scale. The grade is based on a total of 50 points:

40 points points for major analysis steps/ functionality (reading and managing data, analyzing data and visualizing data) :

  • is the desired functionality working as it should
  • is each functionality well documented
  • is the code written in a modular way (eg. using functions)?

10 points for overall documentation of the work

  • is there a general description in about the research problem / purpose of the tool?
  • is the usage of the tool/ available functions described and demonstrated clearly?
  • are all input data and output results (maps, graphs) presented and explained clearly?

In addition, you can gain 5 extra points for other merits in the work:

  • something in the work is exceptionally well done
  • some problem in the code is solved in a “smart” way
  • the work is exceptionally well documented
  • the visualizations are exceptionally good
  • additional features are added (eg. steps 5-6 in accesViz, or some other features that were not required)

This grading criteria applies to submissions which contain the following sections:

  1. Data acquisition (Fetching data, subsetting data, storing intermediate outputs etc.)
  2. Data analysis (Enriching and analyzing the data, eg. spatial join, overlay, buffering, other calculations..)
  3. Visualization (Visualizing main results and other relevant information as maps and graphs)

You can write your code into python script files and /or jupyter notebook files. You can freely organize your final work into one single file, or several files (for example, write your own functions into a separate .py file and apply them in one or several jupyter notebook .ipynb files.

The workflow should be repeatable and well documented. In other words, anyone who gets a copy of your repository should be able to run your code, and read your code.

In case you are creating something with a totally different structure, please discuss with the course instructors :)

Grade for the final assignment:

final grade thresholds are defined after assessing the assignments

  • 5 –> ~90 % or more of the points received (i.e. > 45 points)
  • 4 –> ~80 % or more of the points received (i.e. > 40 points)
  • 3 –> ~70 % or more of the points received (i.e. > 35 points)
  • 2 –> ~60 % or more of the points received (i.e. > 30 points)
  • 1 –> 50 % or more of the points received (i.e. > 25 points)